MintyPi V3 PCB Kit Pre-Order

mintyPi V3 Pre-Order Kit

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This is the mintyPi V3 Pre-order page which I will explain below what it is and the time frame of when parts should be shipped out once they are received from being assembled.

The Pre-Order guarantees you a kit that is to be shipped out once orders arrive from the factory and these Pre-Orders also fund the cost of the various components as well as the PCBs and their assembly.New orders to Be taken in early April so signup for email notifications.


Time Frame from ordering to receiving finished mintyPi V3 Kits:


  • December 23, 2018: Pre-Orders are Open

  • January 20, 2019: Pre-Orders are Closed

  • January 21, 2019: Orders sent to fabricator and also component vendors

  • February 5, 2019: Chinese New Year starts (no work is done by the manufacturer during this Holiday)

  • February 19, 2019: Chinese New Year ends (work resumes)

  • March 15, 2019: Orders should start to ship around this time but there have been major issues with the LCDs from the factory that assembled them.

    Orders are going be delayed further because of the fiasco of the LCDs the factory screwed up on. It’s not just the backlight but the SPI pins are often times not soldered on properly. I spent 6 hours fixing 50 LCDs last weekend because of so many issues besides the backlight.

    You can ship your LCD back to me and I’ll fix it for you (wrap it well to not damage it) if you already got a kit and can’t fix it yourself. Second while we were play testing we discovered there was a power issue that would not allow the battery to fully discharge cutting play time short. Turns out the DualFet chip is the higher voltage one and not the proper one needed to drain battery as intended. If you are sending back the LCD please send back the Powerboard so I can replace the chip. If you don’t send the LCD back I will mail out fixed powerboards to all orders that have been shipped even if the LCD was not shipped to me.

    Now the Good News! The PCB Factory is going to fix all the bad LCDs after I test them all this weekend (3/15/2019) and send the bad ones to them. I expect them back in 3 weeks or so and orders will be finally shipping in full force.

    Sorry for all the inconveniences and setbacks these issues have caused us all and thank you for your understanding.

    Paypal will email you shipping notifications and I shall post updates on Instagram more often than this page so check there.

The kit includes the following :

  1. Controller PCB
  2. FPC Ribbon (to connect LCD board to the Controller PCB)
  3. LCD PCB with the 2.6inch LCD soldered onto it
  4. Power Board with Battery Connector and L/R board solder points
  5. Headphone Socket (unsoldered so it’s an option to add to the build)
  6. Wiring Harness (connects Power Board & L/R board to Controller PCB)
  7. Speaker to be soldered by 2 wires (WIRES not included in KIT) to the Controller PCB

There is the optional battery for the build which for the time being will be sold to USA customers only unless there is overwhelming demand for the people outside the USA (European Nations mainly). There reason for this is the extra customs paper work and cost in shipping them out (I didn’t make the laws but must abide by them).

Not Included are the 3D parts or the Custom Silicone buttons specifically made for the mintyPi V3. These can be bought from Wermy from Sudomod below:

DISCLAIMER!!: Since this is a DIY project with alot of soldering involved I am not responsible for repairing or replacing parts you damage in the attempt of soldering the Pi to the PCBs I am offering in this kit. If it’s not pictured here then it is not included.

Please consider getting the mintyPi practice boards before attempting this project so there will no damaged boards in your assembly as I will not have extras to replace them.

Get them here from (you need both sets):

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