N64 Advance Universal RGB Board By Borti4938

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This is a universal RGB board designed by the talented Borti4938. This board with the optional Flex PCBs will make any N64 console output a multitude of output formats such as RGB ,YPBPr Component Video (must make a custom cable for this), VGA output at 480P (default output) and  Scanlines and also a De-Blur option for a crisper image.

There is a built in Menu accessed by a button combo to choose all the various options and filtering options as well as the resolution (240/288P or 480/576P) (more info on the Menu below). The optional  Filter Flex PCB is used for RGB and YPBPr Component which is the majority of most installs but if you are doing a VGA output this Flex PCB can be omitted. For an easier install with all the extra filtering the Flex PCBs should be used and install instructions are located below:


This install requires experience soldering fine pitch components, I can install the board for you if you are incapable. The install service will be for the board and the Flex PCBs, I am not doing the VGA output as an option which requires a VGA socket and shell modding.

How to choose the Installation Service Option:

  • Choose the N64 Advance board and Flex PCB and add both to your cart
  • Choose Installation Service and add to your cart, proceed to check out.
  • Send me an email though my Contact page (https://heldergametech.com/contact/) with your order number and I will tell you where to send you n64
  • Once installation is complete and tested I will invoice you to ship it back to you with any special requirements such as Signature or Insurance
  • $85 for install plus shipping cost when invoice is sent and will include PayPal fees and taxes unless other arrangements are made
  • Turn around time is 2-5 days after receiving your console.



The jumpers are used as fallback if the software is unable to load a valid configuration from flash device U5.
The only exception is J1.2 – this jumper is still used to show the software whether the Filter AddOn is installed or not. (for  typical RGB output close J1.1)

There are jumpers spread over the PCB, namely J1, J2, J3, J4J1 – J4 have two parts, for example .1 and .2, where .1 is marked with the dot on the PCB.

J1 (Filter AddOn)

  • opened: output HSYNC and VSYNC for possible VGA output
  • closed: use filter addon
  • opened: use filter of the addon board
  • closed: bypass filter (actually filter is set to 95MHz cut-off which is way above the video signal content)

J2 (RGB, RGsB, YPbPr)

  • opened: RGB output
  • closed: RGsB output (sync on green)
  • opened: RGB / RGsB output
  • closed: YPbPr output (beats J2.1)

J3 (Scanline)

  • opened / opened: 0%
  • opened / closed: 25%
  • closed / opened: 50%
  • closed / closed: 100%

J33 (CSYNC level @ /CS (75ohm) pad)

  • opened: appr. 1.87V @ 75ohm termination i.e. needs a resistor inside the sync wire further attenuating the signal. Designed to work for cables with 470 ohm resistor inside resulting in appr. 450mV @ 75ohm termination
  • closed: appr. 300mV @ 75ohm termination suitable for pass through wired cables at sync, works with standard TV / scaler setup

J4 (Linemode)

  • opened: linedoubling of 240p/288p to 480p/576p
  • closed: no-linedoubling (beats J4.2)
  • opened: no bob de-interlace of 480i/576i
  • closed: bob de-interlace of 480i/576i to 480p/576p (J4.1 must be opened)


Menu Commands and Options:


Typical Install:

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