PicoBoot Quick Solder Flex for DOL-101

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Webhdx the PicoBoot creator has told me that he is working on a new firmware update that MIGHT not work with this Flex PCB without soldering an Extra Wire. The current FLEX PCB (as of December 15) has a protection Diode and the proper missing pin not in the original design so if a wire is needed in the future it will be easy to access from the new test points. The upcoming update is to fix the In Game Reset (IGR) not properly implemented in the current PicoBoot Firmware and is adding some Pico W implementations. There is no ETA exactly when this update will be available but the current firmware is stable and everything else is working as has been shown on many videos.

This Quick Solder Flex PCB makes installing the PicoBoot mod a breeze and without having to use any wires or bend the corner of the DVD Drive enclosure to fit wires as in a normal installation.

Installation Video is at the bottom of this page (New Flex PCB v2.0 has 1 additional leg to solder to).


The Quick Solder Flex PCB is super thin and easily fits between the motherboard metal enclosures without any damage or obstructing the enclosure. It solders directly to the IPL chip (U10 on motherboard) and has 2 areas with 3M tape making it easy to mount to the motherboard and the Fan Shroud for easy access to the USB Port for future updates.


I am offering 2 options for the Quick Solder Flex PCB, one is simply the flex pcb and the other is a Raspberry Pico (non W version) with the latest PicoBoot code pre-programmed and soldered onto the Quick Solder Flex PCB.

PicoBoot was made by Webhdx and his github to the code as well as instructions on how to program the Raspberry Pico are on his github page:


You will also need the SWISS software to boot the ISO or Homebrew and that is below. To make use of the software you will either need an SD Gecko or an SP2 Micro SD Adapter, both of which I am offering on my website.



Installation Video:

(NOTE: 3D printed part is no longer required or provided with purchase)


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PicoBoot QSB DOL-101, PicoBoot QSB With Pico Board for DOL-101

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