Game Boy Pocket Power Regulator

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Does your IPS screen flicker when using a flash cart? Do you have noise from the IPS screen mod? Then you need to regulate and clean the power provided to the system using the Game Boy Pocket Power Regulator to resolve these issues.


Here are it’s capabilities:

  • Boosts voltages from various batteries to 5V
  • Can take voltages from AAA standard batteries all the way from 1.8v to 3v
  • Can take voltages from Lipo Batteries
  • Outputs Max 400Mah on AA batteries
  • Outputs Max 800Mah on Lipo batteries
  • Can be used with the OEM DC Power Board still in place (DC Board required for IPS Displays to control Backlight properly)
  • Has a Large High Quality Tantalum Capacitor that cleans all noise associated with the power rail giving you clean audio
  • 3 simple solder point to install


How to install:

Step 1


Step 2:


Step 3: