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These cards all have the latest version of Free MCBoot and also have the Latest OPL installed specifically made for use with the MC2SIO.

The Memory Card can also be used as a standard Memory Card for game saves and has 8x the standard capacity of 8MB cards.


These cards do not work to load OPL on the SCPH-90xxx Sony Playstation 2 Models. For these models you will need to install OpenTuna on the Memory Card along with the OPL version in the download link below which is located in the BOOT folder.



 Latest OPL BDM4.8.1 for MC2SIO Setup<<<Download Link



If you have an existing FMCB and want to just update OPL with latest version simply copy the 2 folders here into the root of FMCB using uLaunchELF from the FMCB Menu.

Lates OPL BDM 4.8.1 & GitHub Beta Update   <<<Download Link

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