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This Memory Card Adapter is my own version of the MX4SIO (<link to thread) which is a ISO Game Loader that is faster than the slow USB interface of the Playstation 2 which has long load times and choppy FMV videos.

This Adapter takes MicroSD cards up to 512GB that need to be formatted in FAT32 or exFAT with the Latest OPL software which is installed on the FMCB on my site and allows you play most of the Playstation 2 Game Library .


**Sandisk Memory Cards are not 100% compatible with this mod, please use an alternate brand card for best compatibility**

List of known working and tested cards (there are others that will work fine but these have been tested):

  • Kingston Canvas Select Plus 32GB

  • TeamGroup 32GB and 256GB (TEAMGROUP GO Card 256GB Micro SDXC UHS-I U3 V30 4K)

  • Onn 128GB brand from Walmart

  • PNY brand 128GB or less

  • Silicon Power 128GB Micro SD Card U3 SDXC on Amazon

  • Lexar 32GB and 256GB

  • Adata 32GB

  • Micro Center 512GB Class 10,UHS-I, C10, U1, V30, A1


Here is a good list of tested games and their compatibility with this Mod and OPL Version.


All you need is a MagicGate Memory Card with Free MCBoot installed and have the Special OPL installed as well then it’s essentially a plug and play solution that works in All Playstation 2 models except the 900XX version where Free McBoot is not compatible but OpenTuna has been tested to work on these models.


Video Guide: (Ignore the SanDisk card in picture it is not compatible)


Since All MicroSD Cards once formatted in FAT32 which is requires for OPL to be able to read the MicorSD contents can not accept files larger than 4GB you will need to use the USBExtreme software to split the ISO into smaller pieces. Below is the software as well as a tutorial, just swap the PS2 HDD with the MicroSD Card in the video:


USBExtreme Software (will be flagged as a false positive with most Anti Virus Software, safe to ignore it):






If the LED is flashing it means the adapter is working and you sometimes must Remove the SD card then Reinsert to have it refresh the game list.



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