DS Lite Macro 3D Printed Face Plate (Free STL Files)

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***I will have various color options for sale soon but I need to build inventory before that happens, but the files are freely available at the bottom for you to print your own. ***

This is a 3D printed Face Plate that is used to convert a DS Lite into a GBA Macro after doing the hardware mod.

I have the Macro Flex Amp that does this hardware mod available in my store but is not required if you can solder the 330 ohm resistor to the required test pads.




This Face Plate is based off of the work of Georgio Mosqueda who has the files on his github: https://github.com/gb9k/GameboyMacro


Unfortunately he had some missing post holes and a few other things that needed adjustments. I have fixed and added the following to the model :

  • Added Holes in all the posts

  • Added a Speaker Grill

  • Added a cutout area to place a Nintendo Switch Speaker (requires removal of upper screen ribbon connector)

  • Moved and resized the LED indicator hole

  • Resized the Start and Select button holding walls to match original hardware

  • Increased the sized of the button holes and DPad so there are no obstructions when pressing buttons

  • Added 4 alignment holes with pegs to make assembly of the 2 shell halves for error proof gluing (print 4 of the Insert STL)

  • Extended the Top Half to match the OEM bottom shell when screwed together


STL File Here


Thank you for supporting Original Creators.

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