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Is your GBA, GBA SP or DS Lite not starting up? It could be a blown Fuse from various Mods like an IPS LCD Mod and Flash Cart being used in conjunction with other mods which can tax the system and blow the standard factory lower rated Fuse.


These fuses are rated at 1.5A and will outperform the factory ones and are a great and inexpensive replacement for blown fuses. These Fuses require soldering experience as these are surface mount parts and are small and often times in tight spots on the motherboards so soldering experience is required to properly install these.


I can ship these fuses in a standard postage envelope which is inexpensive but there is NO TRACKING or INSURACE or Estimated Time Of Arrival with this shipping option. Because of the uncertainty of this option there will be NO REFUND if the envelope does not arrive. Please use a better shipping method when possible.


GBA Motherboards usually have the Fuse Located by the Power Switch:


GBA F1 Fuse Location:


GBA SP F2 Fuse Location:



DS Lite F2 Fuse Location:

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1 Fuse, 10 Fuses, 5 Fuses

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