Game Boy Advance Power Cleaner Flex PCB

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I am no longer Shipping to the UK because of the enforced VAT they are enforcing vendors to deal with. Sorry for the inconvenience but is carrying these now.


  • This is a mod I made to help remedy the noise which is very apparent on the Game Boy Advance original handheld after installing an IPS screen and also when using a Lipo Battery to power the handheld (will have Lipo battery mod soon).

  • I am also now offering high quality Solid State Tantalum Capacitor kits in another listing that will further help clean the noise from power hungry mods such as IPS LCD, together with the GBA Power Cleaner Flex PCB you get the most noise cancellation and De-huming and De-hissing than with just the GBA Power Cleaner Flex.



The original discovery of this mod was found by RetroSix from the UK, I  simply made it into a simple to solder on solution as the original capacitors are 0402 size and that is an extremely small size for most people to solder to.

Here is the link to the original guide on the mod and some others that might be useful for people.


Install Video of Power Cleaner:





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