GBA SP Flex Amp

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This amp is super slim, LOUD and really easy to solder on with just 4 solder points.  The amp has the following features:

  •  1.5W Output (per manufacturer’s Datasheet) capable of driving a variety of speakers including the 1W speaker I offer for the SP

  •   Superior Low Noise when used in conjunction with the GBA SP Flex Power Cleaner

  •   A high quality Tantalum Capacitor to filter the audio coming into the Amp which helps clean some inherent noise of the console

  •   4 Easy to solder points to complete the install

  •   Fully compatible with original speaker and requires no additional modding to fit in the shell

  •   Original design and not a clone of any other product, designed with easy install in mind for everyone


    NOTE: 1 Amp and 5 Amps in the drop down list is the option for 1 or 5 units of the Amp, NOT 1 Amp of power and 5 Amps of power.


This amp does NOT omit the need for the GBA SP Flex Power Cleaner. These other mods are all complimentary to one another and installing the 2 will give you the best results for Cleaner Amplified Audio.



Thank you for supporting Original Mods such as this one and Original Creators.

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1 Amp, 1 Speaker, 5 Amps, 5 Speakers

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